Coastal wolves of British Columbia

No animal, is for me, quite as exciting as a wild wolf. There is the difficulty in catching more than just the briefest glimpse; their charisma and complex social behaviour; that haunting, beautiful sound they make and then all the historical and cultural resonance we have attached to them, running from myths and fairy tales to our relationship with dogs. All of this is part, at least, of why these animals have such a draw for me and I suspect I am not alone in feeling that.

The first time I sailed up into the Great Bear Rainforest I stayed for four months. In that time I had two brief wolf sightings (on the same day and maybe the same animal) and I heard one wolf howl. Despite all the beautiful places I went and the many amazing encounters with bears, whales and other animals, seeing and hearing wolves was far and away the most exciting aspect of my trip. So the next year I returned for more. These images are from that trip and a subsequent trip, when I was lucky enough to have some extraordinarily intimate encounters with a number of wolves.

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